On June 28-29, 2024, CyprusInno, powered by SocialTech Lab, hosted the Agrifood Digital Transition & Sustainability Bootcamp at The Base by CyprusInno. Organised by DiGiNN (Digital Innovation Hub Cyprus) and supported by SocialTech Lab, the event aimed to elevate Cyprus’ agrifood ecosystem by fostering collaboration, upskilling participants, and promoting innovative, sustainable solutions.



Highlights of the Bootcamp:

  • Expert Panels & Workshops: Participants engaged in insightful discussions led by industry experts on the latest Agrifood technologies and their applications. 
  • Funding Insights: Valuable insights were shared on navigating funding opportunities tailored to agrifood innovations, empowering attendees to secure financial support for their ventures. Participants ranged from those with new agrifood startup ideas to established businesses, all eager to leverage technology and sustainability practices to enhance their operations.
  • Hands-on Sessions with Tech Tools: Interactive workshops provided hands-on experience with cutting-edge technological tools, enabling participants to explore practical applications in the agrifood sector.
  • Full-day Ideation Marathon: Facilitated by experts, the ideation session challenged participants to collaborate intensively, generating innovative solutions to address real-world challenges within the agrifood industry.
  • Peer Mentoring and Networking Opportunities: Attendees had ample chances to connect with peers, industry leaders, and potential collaborators, exchanging knowledge, enhancing their professional networks and fostering future partnerships.



Stay tuned for future initiatives aimed at furthering innovation and sustainability in Cyprus’ agrifood sector.


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