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In a world facing pressing challenges ranging from inequality to climate change, poverty to migration, the pursuit of peace stands as a fundamental goal. SocialTech Lab, a catalyst for peacetech innovations in fragile contexts, recently took the stage at ImpactDays during ViennaUP’23 week alongisde inspiring changemakers to help answer the question – what does it mean to “invest in peace”?


A Captivating Panel Discussion

This was the question tackled by a panel that included SocialTech Lab Co-Founder & Director Steven Stavrou, CEO for CSR Ukraine & Founder of Ukrainian Women Entrepreneurs (UWE) Hub Maryna Saprykina, OSCE Economic Affairs Officer Vera Strobachova Budway, and co-founder of ImpactHub Jonathan Robinson.

Moderated by Thomas Seifert, Dept. Editor in Chief of Wiener Zeitung, the panel explored the potential of entrepreneurship to promote peacebuilding and resilience. Panelists shared their experiences in supporting entrepreneurs and communities in fragile regions, highlighting the role of entrepreneurs, youth, the private sector, and impact investing in driving social change and collective security.


SocialTech Lab’s Work in Focus

Steven Stavrou, representing two SocialTech Lab portfolio projects – CyprusInno and The Base by CyprusInno – provided insights into their role in fostering peace through collaborative entrepeneurship. These initiatives demonstrated the effectiveness of community-based innovation programming and business ventures in building resilient ecosystems.


ImpactDays: A Beacon for Positive Change

ImpactDays, central Europe’s leading conference on impact investment, is an annual conference organized by Impact Hub Vienna. This year’s focus was on climate change, biodiversity, health, inequality and peace & democracy. In exploring solutions, the conference focused on investment, policy-making and entrepreneurship as key levers for impact.


SocialTech Lab’s participation in Impact Days highlights its commitment to transforming dialogue into action. By exploring the intersection of entrepreneurship and peacebuilding, the panelists have set a precedent for leveraging innovation and collaboration as powerful tools for positive change. As we navigate the complexities of our world, investing in peace emerges not only as a moral imperative but as a strategic pathway to a sustainable and harmonious future.

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