From April 15th to 17th, 2024, SocialTech Lab hosted an AI/ML Hackathon in collaboration with Microsoft and FINOMENA that brought together some of the brightest tech talent from across the region. 

Over 3 intensive days, over 40 total participants gathered at The Base by CyprusInno (SociaTech Lab’s innovation center) to be inspired by a distinguished group representing 10 experts from Microsoft US and Egypt, 12 virtual Microsoft coaches and mentors,10+ local company founders and team members, and 25 “hackers” from Cyprus and Palestine.

25 hackers formed 5 teams and focused on solving 5 unique challenges presented by the local Cypriot company founders. The participants had the chance to explore the potential of AI/ML solutions across diverse domains such as Agrifood/Environment, HealthTech, Shipping/Logistics, Social Cohesion, and Education with help from the mentors.

A Glance into the Event

A Journey of Innovation and Team Building
Empowered with Microsoft technologies; Azure AI/ML, including Open AI, cognitive search, and more,  participants delved into innovation, teamwork, creativity, and strategic thinking. For some, this event marked their first venture into creating fully technological solutions, while for others, it was their initial exposure to collaborating with people from various cultural backgrounds.

Tackling Real Life Challenges
The hackathon unfolded with an impressive array of presentations and demonstrations, showcasing technical expertise and innovative ideas. With mentorship support, participants translated concepts into viable solutions, paving the way for potential idea implementation and job opportunities by the local company representatives.

Acknowledging Achievement
In a spirit of unity and collaboration, we celebrated the remarkable achievements of all teams;

  •       Business Innovation Award: Team hacking for SocialTech Lab (SocialTech
  •       Social Innovation Award: Team hacking for Heroes Made (EdTech)
  •       Technical Intensity Award: Team hacking for IREROBOT (HealthTech)
  •       Potential to Scale Award: Team hacking for The Mighty Kitchen (FoodTech)
  •       Best Pitch Award: Team hacking for Oceanic (ShipTech)

The AI/ML hackathon marked SocialTech Lab’s 3rd regional endeavor of the year, reflecting our commitment to extending our impact to other communities. 


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