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In the dynamic landscape of social innovation, collaboration and knowledge-sharing play pivotal roles in driving positive change. This year, SocialTech Lab was honored to participate in the Social Innovation Forum, a gathering organized by the Center for Social Innovation (CSI) and Synthesis in Cyprus. Led by our co-founder, Burak Doluay, we had the opportunity to showcase our contributions to the social innovation ecosystem and share our vision for pioneering peacetech solutions at the SocialTech Lab.


Our Presence at the Forum
The event was not just an assembly of minds but a celebration of innovation, with participants from diverse backgrounds converging to discuss the “Social Innovation Ecosystem in Cyprus: Challenges and Prospects.” Our co-founder, Burak Doluay, took the stage to present our journey and impact through two key initiatives: CyprusInno and The Base by CyprusInno.

CyprusInno: Fostering Innovation and Collaboration
Burak highlighted the success stories and the impact of CyprusInno, a platform dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration among entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives in Cyprus. By providing a digital space for networking and resource-sharing, CyprusInno has played a crucial role in connecting like-minded individuals and driving innovation in the local ecosystem.

The Base by CyprusInno: Nurturing Startup Ecosystem
Another cornerstone of our efforts is The Base by CyprusInno, a physical hub that serves as a nurturing ground for startups. Burak shared insights into how The Base provides a conducive environment for collaboration, mentorship, and growth, contributing to the flourishing startup ecosystem in Cyprus.

Roadmap and Aspirations: Pioneering Peacetech Solutions
Our commitment to social innovation doesn’t stop at the present; it extends into the future. Burak outlined our roadmap and aspirations, particularly in the realm of peacetech solutions at the SocialTech Lab. By leveraging technology for peacebuilding and conflict resolution, we aim to make a lasting impact on societal challenges, aligning with the broader goals of the social innovation ecosystem.


Participating in the Social Innovation Forum was not just an opportunity for us to share our journey but also a chance to learn from others, be inspired by innovative solutions, and reaffirm our commitment to driving positive change. As we continue our endeavors in social innovation, we are motivated by the collaborative spirit of events like these and look forward to contributing further to the vibrant social innovation ecosystem in Cyprus. In expressing our gratitude, we extend sincere thanks to CSI and Synthesis for extending the invitation to participate in the Forum. It was a platform that not only allowed us to showcase our work but also facilitated valuable connections and conversations with fellow innovators and change-makers.

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