On February 27, 2024, SocialTech Lab and Tech2Peace co-hosted a peacetech gathering that brought together Israelis, Palestinians, Greek Cypriots, and Turkish Cypriots that came together at our base, The Base by CyprusInno in Nicosia, for a half-day filled with dialogue, networking, and a collective commitment to peace and innovation.  

Here’s what went down at the event;

Embracing Dialogue on Local Realities

 Moderated by Tech2Peace, the event started at our base, The Base by CyprusInno with a panel of Cypriots from our co-organizers, engaging in dialogue about the local post-conflict context in Cyprus and discussing experiences and approaches to change. This was followed by a Q&A with the Israeli and Palestinian participants. Then, in breakout groups, participants representing each community engaged in dialogue and cultural exchange, fostering understanding across the communities.

Reflecting on Innovative Initiatives

In small groups, select participants shared insights into their own startup ventures and social change initiatives. Others provided feedback and advice based on each person’s unique experiences. Through shared expertise and constructive feedback, participants honed their approaches.

Networking and Community Building

After the gathering, participants enjoyed a social evening together as a group. The event was instrumental in building a sense of community and expanding the participants’ regional networks.


 * Following week, SocialTech Lab visited a T2P program in Protaras to talk about its work, the context of the division in Cyprus and how they are leveraging technology and entrepreneurship for peacebuilding to a new group of T2P program participants.


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