On Tuesday, June 18, we had the pleasure of hosting the “Effective Networking: Building Impactful Relationships” Workshop at The Base by CyprusInno. Led by Petros Djakouris, Co-founder & CEO at BeHive, this engaging 90-minute session was designed to elevate the communication skills of SMB owners, solopreneurs, and startup founders.



Highlights of the Workshop:

  • BIA Framework: Participants delved into the BIA framework through role-playing and interactive activities, focusing on:
    • Body Language: Sending out the right signals through non-verbal communication.
    • Inquiry: Asking great questions to enhance verbal communication.
    • Advocacy: Presenting themselves and their work effectively.
  • Interactive Sessions: Attendees engaged in hands-on exercises to practice body language cues, refine their questioning techniques, and craft compelling personal pitches.
  • Networking Strategies: Petros shared practical tips on building and sustaining professional relationships, including how to follow up after initial meetings and maintain long-term connections.
  • Real-Life Scenarios: Participants worked through real-life networking scenarios, receiving feedback on how to improve their approach and communication style.
  • Personal Insights: Petros shared his journey of networking and community building, offering personal anecdotes and lessons learned from his extensive experience in various cultural settings.



Stay tuned for more events and initiatives aimed at further fostering collaboration and professional development within our community.


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