On March 15th, CyprusInno (powered by SocialTech Lab) held its screening of  “A Showcase of Bi-communal Business Partnerships in Cyprus,” a captivating documentary series shining a spotlight on some of the most inspiring and promising business collaborations across Cyprus’ Green Line.

Building Bridges Through Business:
At the heart of this series lies a celebration of entrepreneurship and collaboration. The series focused on the stories of entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners who courageously work together across the divide. Their partnerships not only help foster economic ties but also serve as a beacon of mutual understanding, trust, development, and peace. 

Featured Businesses:

The Story of MOS Glass

Yaprak Özyalçin, owner of MOS Glass, has been trading across the Green Line for over 13 years. Founded in 2001, MOS Glass specializes in architectural glass products, particularly insulated glass units. As the island experienced a construction boom, a shortage of processed glass products arose, creating an opportunity for MOS Glass to fill the gap and forge partnerships across the divide.


Watch “The Story of MOS Glass” here.


The Story of Christos & Muhit

During the pandemic, Muhit Ince of S.N.A. Glocals Trading Limited and Christos Konteatis of Caterways collaborated to solve supply chain issues in the HoReCa industry. This partnership aimed to assist Muhit’s clients in the Turkish Cypriot community. By 2022, their partnership was established, allowing Muhit’s clients to procure top-quality products from Caterways. Most of the Green Line trade volume in Cyprus is from the Turkish Cypriot community to the Greek Cypriot community, and so this special collaboration is a unique example of trade from the Greek-Cypriot Community to the Turkish-Cypriot community. This collaboration not only balances trade but also nurtures enduring business relationships and friendships within both companies and their communities.

Watch “The Story of Christos & Muhit” here.


The Story of Colive

Hasan Siber and Alexandros Philippides founded Colive about four years ago with a mission to promote peace by bringing communities together through a truly Cypriot product. Working directly with olive farmers from both sides of the divide, Colive collects olives to craft the finest olive oil, paving the way for cross-border trade in Cyprus. What began with two farmers has evolved into a network of over 30, transforming into an international brand available nationwide in the US.

Watch “The Story of Colive” here.


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